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LMT Pulsed Fiber Laser machines can be used for the following methods of Stainless Steel Laser Marking:

A Laser engraving machine for metal machine leaves an actual mark on stainless steel and other metals. It results in ablation of the material on laser marking stainless steel parts. The material vaporizes and changes the color where the fiber laser etching occurs. Because of the very high energy of the laser, materials like steel, titanium and other metals can be vaporized directly.


With the advent of 3D additive manufacturing and DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), there has been a demand to polish metals and decrease the post-processing rigors of 3D DMLS. To accompany many 3D metal systems the SPI powered MOPA lasers available from LMT have been exclusively used to laser polish additively manufactured Ti6Al4V parts and can provide up to a 21.5 times reduction of surface roughness (Sa) for flat samples and up to 10 times reduction of cylindrical samples. For additively manufactured CoCr parts, laser polishing (CW) can provide up to 38 times reduction for flat surfaces and up to 11.5 times reduction for cylindrical surfaces. The Scanning pattern, traditionally known in the printing industry as the Moiré pattern, which imitates halftone printing angles worked best due to various angles being used (18°, 72°, 0°, 45°).


Our laser annealing machine leaves no measurable surface ablation or appreciable material removal on stainless steel and other metals but will provide a dark contrast mark that, if applied properly will pass the most rugged passivation cycles. This is because there is no ablation since no material is taken away. Using the laser annealing machine, with certain metals such as stainless-steel alloys, allows for corrosion-resistant marking. Through this process, there is no damage done to the surface’s structure, and the mark is permanently applied. By Utilizing MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) different colors can be achieved with the different frequencies and the pulse width modulations featured on the laser annealing machine. Of course, laser annealing is also possible on any alloy which contains iron. For a technical description of color marking please see our MOPA supplying partner SPI Laser Source from Southampton, UK. Click Here for more information laser annealing:

Why you should buy a Pulsed Fiber Engraving Machine for metal marking and engraving your metals from Laser Marking Technologies?

Fiber Laser etching of metals is an accurate, precise, extremely accurate and economical way for DPM (Direct Part Marking) of metals with non-contact, extremely durable laser annealing, etching and surface marking of your product. DPM, engraving and laser annealing of 2D data matrix codes, part numbers, serial number and any other required data logos, data matrix codes or serial numbers can be made on products and components, with a high-resolution finish. Beyond our 24/7 USA based tech support system, the advantages of working with LMT and our stainless steel laser marking machines is the fact that we can incorporate many different Vision systems and automation such as Cognex and Allen Bradley, Siemens PLC’s into our laser systems to pull data in and then digitally analyze what was just marked and proof/grade it before the next parts are allowed to process. The important thing to keep in mind is that with our pulsed fiber laser etching systems you are proving a direct mark to the material you wish to process, meaning no messy inks, no messy sprays like Cermark or Thermark, using Fiber our laser marking stainless steel technology allows the manufacture to cleaning and easily mark metals without all the environmental and waste issues of the past. Our process requires no pre or post-processing and produce clean precise markings and labels that are extremely durable and resistant to wear.

Laser Marking Technologies, based out of Caro Michigan USA has been the undisputed leader in Fiber Laser etching machines since 2006 offering American built the top high-quality marking, engraving and laser annealing machine which is powering the manufacturing renaissance in North America and Europe.


Metals compatible for etching, engraving and annealing:

LMT Pulsed Fiber laser etching machines can conveniently etch, anneal, mark, engrave your custom images/information on ALL of your metals.  Many metals, such as those listed below can be lasered, but remember all metals can be processed by choosing the proper laser annealing machine from Laser Marking Technologies LLC!  Because We Are Laser ®

  • Titanium, titanium alloys
  • Carbides
  • Alloyed Steels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hardened Metals
  • Alloy Steels
  • High-Speed Steels
  • Aluminium
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Hardened Metals
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum
  • Coated Metals
  • Black Oxide steel
  • Chrome
  • Chrome-plated plastics
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Tin-coated steel

The Above materials can be etched & engraved with our stainless steel laser marking systems!



Application of Fiber Laser Etching Machines:

Industrial Application


Manufacturing and Industrial Pulsed fiber Laser etching systems have been the lifeblood of LMT, with laser marking stainless steel machines that are employed in marking metal and metal products with traceability attributes and 2D codes. These applications can be found in the automotive industry, electronics and electrical industry, mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing, in sheet metal processing, medical technology, and in the jewelry industry. Serial code and tags are created every day with LMT’s machinery across the world helping to keep the counterfeiter at bay by giving manufacturers the ability to create specialized undefeatable data prints.


Promotional Application


A great area for our eCobalt stainless steel laser marking system is the trophy shop and promotional gifts area. As always, any item made of metal, as well as plastics with IR inhibitors can be easily customized through our fiber laser etching, using LMT’s Pulsed Fiber Laser Machines. Others – Color Marking on Stainless Steel




Kitchen appliance manufacturers who would like to adorn the stainless-steel fronts of the appliances with their logo can use the colour stainless steel laser marking ability of our LMT MOPA pulsed Fiber Laser Etching machines.




The exact type of mark required by the medical device industry is typically called a laser annealing mark. Black Laser Annealing does not remove or engrave the material. Instead, marks left by the laser annealing machine are created by using the heat of the laser beam and bringing the work piece close to its melting point. As a result, the MOPA pulsed fiber laser annealing beam creates the desired dark oxide layers on the medical metal surface. As always, the result is highly dependent on the composition of the material and the resulting oxide. LMT can assist you with choosing the right laser annealing machine to help guide you through this process.




Cost-effective stainless steel laser marking machines designed to fulfill the needs of the gun and firearms industry.
Deep engraving of serial numbers >.004″ as needed
Easily processes Cerakote® with multiple effects, utilizing our prebuilt parameter library.


Cutting Tools


We developed the formulas to effectively mark carbide tools with our laser engraving machine for metal without disrupting the final diameter of the cutting tool, thereby allowing the cutting tools to run in shrink fit tool holders without any runout! Allowing laser marked carbide and HSS tools to be ran in shrink-fit tooling operations. We completed comprehensive trials to prevent any stress fracturing due to stainless steel laser marking on carbide micro tools and have been the pioneer in the marking of cutting tools with literally thousands of customers in the industry!