4. How to use the Y rotary mode and split marking

How to use the Y rotary mode and split marking

  1. Access the F3 parameters, go to the axis solution tab
  2. Scroll down and change the A axis mode to Y
  3. Put in your correct part diameter
  4. Input the object or text you want to wrap around the part *NOTE, TO ACHIEVE A FULL WRAP YOU MUST CHANGE THE Y SIZE OF YOUR OBJECT TO THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF YOUR PART
  5. Utilize the project button, use the scroll on the mouse to zoom in and hold control + left click and drag to produce a better angle. This feature will allow you to see how the object will wrap on your part
  6. Go to the split parameter button
  7. On the Y selection, Select either split by size or guideline
  8. Input a size that would be applicable in your situation or create guidelines by left click and dragging from the top ruler and down to the workspace
  9. Utilize the show split button to see how many splits that you have
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