1. Lens Cleaning

Lens Cleaning PM Instruction

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When to Use: During Scheduled Preventative Maintenance (weekly or monthly dependent on process)

Materials: *Methanol (*Methanol preferred, but also can use >91% isopropyl alcohol), laser optic tissues (such as Laser Mech’s part # PLOCK0002) or equivalent, flashlight, finger cots, and an air bulb



  1. Power Down Machine
    • With the key inserted, turn the switch counter clockwise—use suitable lockout.
  2. Inspect lens’ glass surface for large debris/hazing/smudging
    • Look at the glass surface from all possible angles with a flashlight—most hazing or smudging can be seen looking at a hard angle (similar to looking at a placid lake’s reflection)
  3. If large debris or dust is found on the lens glass surface blow away
    • If found–For large debris, utilize a bulb air blower (to provide clean, dry air) to blow away and prevent the debris from being pressed into the glass while wiping.
  4. If hazing or smudging is present—wipe with cleaning agent
    • Fold a tissue twice and soak with the alcohol
    • Wipe the surface once—wear finger cots if possible to prevent transfer of particles or oils from hands
    • Throw away and repeat until the tissue shows clean after the wipe
  5. Inspect again
    • Inspect at angles with the flashlight once again—repeat wiping with with *Methanol if necessary. Ensure no residue remains from the cleaning agents

*Methanol preferred, but also can use >91% isopropyl alcohol

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