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Why You Might Use Full Color Laser Engraving

Using full color laser engraving gives you the ability to create contrast in a material to produce a legible mark. Some of the reasons why you might use full color laser engraving include its versatility, and vibrancy. But full color laser engraving also gives manufacturers the ability to mark a product in a long-lasting and

How Laser Marking Can Be Used to Create Lasting Impressions

Has your company struggled to create labels or barcodes that last for decades? Is it difficult to maintain part traceability with your current marking system? And how important is it that you’re able to read your mark long into the distant future? If part traceability, readability, and graphic clarity are priorities, laser marking might be

Why Laser Engraving is Used for Firearms

Manufacturing firearms that are safe to use requires precision and integrity. One way that the firearms industry has adapted to facilitate safety is by requiring strict engraving and marking protocols on weapons. Since traceability is another priority in the firearm industry, it’s particularly important that manufacturers find a marking process that’s precise and easy to

How Laser Ablation Stands Out from Other Types of Ablation

Ablation is a process that removes material from the surface of a product. This can be done with the help of chemicals, electricity, and even lasers. The process of ablation is particularly useful for industrial applications with tough-to-achieve parameters. For example, the ablation process is used to create heat shields in spacecraft and satellites. Learning

Using Laser Marking Devices to Create Barcodes

Do you have a lot of parts that you need to be able to monitor? Are you worried about knock-off products that are floating around the industry? Are you hoping to find a way to protect yourself from part poachers? Any time industrial manufacturers are creating products, it’s a good idea to create a tracking

Using Laser Rust Removal to Bring Car Parts Back to Life

Laser rust removal is a process that can be used to clean unwanted residue from metal parts with less risk than other methods. When conducted successfully, the laser ablation process is used to remove a layer of rust or other contaminants without damaging the substrate material. And this is commonly done with a fiber laser

Benefits of High-Precision Laser Welding Systems

High-precision laser welding systems are commonly used in industrial applications because of their ability to produce quality results at high-speeds. Regulatory compliance is more easily achieved with the help of a high-precision laser welding system because they give users control over parameters and heat input. Because of high-precision laser welding systems’ efficiency and dependable results,

Using Automated Laser Marking Systems to Reduce Costs

Using automated laser marking systems to reduce costs is one of the best ways to support company growth for a number of reasons; It allows manufacturers to reduce labor, it creates faster marking systems, and it is a more sustainable practice than other marking systems because it involves fewer consumables. But the benefits of automated

Don’t Buy That Cheap Laser Etching Machine from Amazon

Though laser etching systems have decreased in cost, the price tag can still be a bit daunting. On average, a laser etching system can cost anywhere between $3,000 – $15,000. And once you add customized components, you could be looking at as much as $65,000. That inexpensive laser on Amazon is looking pretty good, right?

Lasers are More Scalable than any Other Parts Marking Method — Here’s Why

Lasers are the top dogs when it comes to parts marking and parts traceability. They are accurate, stable, quick, and flexible. But one major benefit of laser marking? Scalability. Not only are the lasers themselves customizable, but they can be modified for your unique needs. Here are just a few ways,  but there’s many more! 

How do Fiber Lasers Work?

When it comes to parts traceability and laser etching, few methods compare to fiber lasers. Over the past decade or so, fiber laser technology has seen great improvements: the systems are easy to use, require little maintenance, and are more versatile than any other marking method. While the operator experience has simplified, the lasers themselves

Laser Marking or Dot Peen? Which to Choose and Why

Choosing the right marking system is all about application and business needs. This doesn’t mean that one way is right and one is wrong, but there’s always a best choice depending on your product. To help you make your choice, we’re answering one of the most common questions we hear from our clients: “What’s the