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3D Engraving


What is 3D engraving? 3D engraving is a process that allows manufacturers to create designs at varying depths on a product. The resulting engraving is 3-dimensional. Laser Marking Technologies offers two types of 3D engraving; With the use of a special hardware, we can alter or shift the focus of a laser to create a shape-filing system. The other option is to create a file with a pattern for the laser to engrave into the metal. With the use of software, you can create a mold that makes it possible for a laser to reproduce the respective image. The 3D engraving process is commonly used for applications like jewelry, signs, mold patterns, and cleaning molds.

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How does 3D engraving work? 3D engraving involves the development of a template that can be used to create a pattern on a material. An image can be converted into a network of points that a laser can then trace. Laser engraving stencils require in-depth mapping in order to yield the appropriate results. Once you have your map work, the laser is aimed at the individual points in order to create holes or etch marks. The laser’s energy creates the resulting change in material. This process can be done with one or multiple lasers. The dark patches of material require the most power output, while the light regions require the least power. Adjusting the depth of the laser allows you to create 3D images.


What is the 3D engraving process? The process of 3D engraving is similar to a standard laser engraving process. But the difference between the two strategies is that the 3D engraver will adjust the laser’s power, which allows you to modify the tonal quality on the object. This yields an image with varying light and darkness, which gives you the ability to create realistic 3D images. The process, itself, takes a good deal of time. But it’s different from competitive processes in that it allows you to engrave complicated shapes and lines, allowing you to render the perfectly customized object.


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