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Laser Ablation


What is Laser ablation? Laser ablation is a process that removes layers of material from the surface of an item. With the use of a laser beam, users can irradiate the surface of a product, which permits the removal of it. Depending on the intensity of the laser, the pulse length, and the wavelength, varying amounts of material can be removed from a product by breaking down the chemical bonds of a substance. Laser ablation is an ideal process for those who require extreme accuracy and versatility. It can be used on a variety of different materials such as glass, ceramics, and metals.

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How does Laser ablation work? When executed successfully, laser ablation removes material without damaging the substrate material. Every material has an ablation threshold, which means that a material becomes removed or destroyed under the influence of heat. With the use of a CO2 or fiber laser, users can cause the vaporization of material during the ablation process. The process breaks down one part of a material without damaging another. Laser ablation is commonly used in applications that require paint removal or surface cleaning. It can be used for applications like laser cleaning, and laser texturing. And it can be particularly helpful if users are looking for a no-contact cleaning process like in nuclear applications, and in electric vehicle battery module manufacturing prior to wire bonding.


What is the Laser ablation process? During the laser ablation process, users aim a laser at a substrate to heat a material to the point of ablation. The most important part of the laser ablation process is the amount of time that the laser is interacting with a material, because it determines the depth of the vaporization. But factors like the wavelength of the laser, the beam diameter and quality, the laser power, focal distance, and pulse length also determine the pace of the ablation process. Laser ablation can also be easily automated, which makes it a good choice for industrial manufacturing.


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