Wood Marking & Engraving


What is wood marking and engraving? Wood marking uses a laser to create contrasts in the surface of the wood. Wood engraving can be done by removing material from the surface of the wood, leaving you with a textured or smooth image. Depending on the process and the laser type, manufacturers can even achieve a slight shading difference in the wood during the engraving process.


How does wood marking and engraving work? Wood marking uses a laser to discolor the surface of a material. With the use of a controlled burn, you can achieve different hues and depths. Wood marking strictly uses a CO2 laser. Wood engraving is similar to other laser engraving processes in that it removes material from the surface, and it creates images by leaving holes behind. Wood engraving is an incredibly popular process because it can be used with so many different applications. It’s common to see items like memorial plaques and branded whiskey barrels that have undergone the marking or engraving process. But the detailed results that these processes yield make them worthy of exploration.


What is the wood marking and engraving process? During the wood marking process, LMT uses a fast moving galvo delivered laser to discolor the material. The result is high-contrast marks, which create legible images. When the laser touches the surface of the wood, it heats the material, causing oxidation beneath the surface of the object. This change in chemistry impacts the color of the material, often leaving black or brown marks behind. During the wood engraving process, the laser removes material from the object in question, leaving a cavity behind. With the help of concentrated heat, you can cause the vaporization of material, leaving a distinct contrast behind.



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