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Traceability & Barcodes


Barcodes have existed for over 70 years, helping businesses track their products throughout the supply chain and improve inventory management. A barcode laser engraving machine and corresponding software simplify the process.

Traceability is the ability to track an object’s journey. Companies have multiple ways to add traceability to their products. For example, they can leverage laser technology to add scannable marks to their products that aid in mapping the movement of goods and tracking stock levels.

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Barcodes are black-and-white images containing embedded information about a product. Organizations can use this data to serve their customers more efficiently, accurately and transparently. In practice, scanners read these codes and collaborate with computers to access crucial data, such as:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Color
  • Manufacturer

Healthcare environments often use barcodes on patient wristbands. These help medical providers streamline operations like billing, administered medications and patient identification. As a result, they boost compliance and accuracy while saving time and money.

Barcodes are also valuable for helping companies keep track of their inventories. Today’s technology provides granular information on a product’s status and location. With that visibility, businesses have real-time data to maximize their supply chains, prevent stock-outs and reduce waste.

Laser Marking Technologies manufactures barcode laser marking machines to help organizations of all sizes streamline traceability and inventory management. Our equipment integrates with software for a cost-effective solution to add traceability to workpieces.


LMT’s equipment contains built-in robust barcode generator software. Our tool can create numerous barcodes to meet unique application needs, including data-matrix or QR codes. Adjusting the parameters and densities allows you to add encoded product-specific data to any workpiece.

After it’s been accurately designed, you can integrate it with LMT’s laser barcode etchers for an end-to-end solution. We can create the necessary contrast using many methods, including:

  • Ablation
  • Carbon migration
  • Deep engraving
  • Frosting
  • Foaming

Laser annealing on steel is another common method we support to permanently mark the product. This process creates an oxidized layer that reflects light differently to produce a colored surface mark without harming the subsurface material. While laser annealing is ideal for many applications, reflective materials may require a secondary “frosting” on the material first to develop the desired color contrast.

Our customers trust our reliable tools for prominent marks and discreet placements. High-powered, advanced laser equipment from LMT can mark workpieces in sizes and places not visible to the naked eye to prove a product is genuine or reveal a counterfeit.

We also offer optional integrated vision hardware and software to inspect code readability and grade post-marking to ensure quality marks.

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Laser Marking Technologies has been a pioneer in laser annealing and labeling equipment since 2002. Our teams boast over 100 years of collective industry experience, cutting-edge expertise and 24/7 support to meet modern business demands.

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