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Cutting Tool

Laser Marking Technologies

Bringing laser marking and DPM to the Carbide Industry


With over 15 years of experience, Laser Marking Technologies has pioneered the process of laser marking for the cutting tool industry. As a result of extensive testing with the biggest names in the industry, our machines were the first to be approved for laser marking carbide. We developed the formulas to effectively mark carbide without raising the surface for shrink-fit tooling. We completed comprehensive trials to prevent any stress fracturing due to laser marking on carbide micro tools.


With this wealth of experience, we have pushed the envelope further in laser speed and automated data transfer from our customers SQL databases straight to the machine for automated engraving and handling of carbide and HSS (High-Speed Steel).


From desktop machines starting at $15,900 to fully automated systems under $100,000; LMT has everything to meet your needs. We will provide you with the highest quality machine at the best price. Laser Marking Technologies is the company to go with for carbide and HSS cutting tools.


CLICK HERE to check out the Cobalt® Toolmarker with an 11.41″ x 11.41″ marking area.






Cole Carbide Industries Testimonial

Interview with Troy Perry, Plant Manager at Cole Carbide Industries. Cole Carbide Industries purchased their first machine in 2005, since then they have 3 of LMT’s laser marking machines, used for direct part marking. Troy stated, Every month we average 100,000 cycles on one machine. The customer service of LMT is fantastic, the people are great to work with, and they do an excellent job.

Accu-Grind Testimonial

Customer testimonial video from Jason at Accu-Grind. They have had LMT’s laser marking and direct part marking system for over 4 years now.


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