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Regardless of your specific needs, Laser Marking Technologies has the laser products and industry know-how to help you successfully meet your goals.  Whether you need a Standard Laser Marking or Welding System, a Laser System Integrated into an existing production line, 3D Metal Printing support or a Laser System Automated & Modified for your unique needs. Laser Marking Technologies 64bit Lasermark3.0 software is reverse compatible with Tykma or permanent marking laser control software built between approximately 2014 -2021 with extensions ending in .PSE.
Laser Marking Technologies… Your Partners in Success.

Laser Systems and Products

Standard Marking Systems LMT laser marking systems come in different sizes and power classes, guaranteeing the optimal device for every marking task regardless of the component or lot size.
Integrator Laser Systems LMT can integrate laser marking into your existing production line with our laser integration systems, built specifically for your laser marking needs.
AMS-Automated Modified Systems LMT offers limitless possibilities when it comes to automation and modified systems. We’ll incorporate conveyor systems, rotary turntables, or robotics to meet all your laser marking needs.
Laser Welding LMT provides laser welding systems of the highest quality and precision for narrow, deep welds and high welding speeds. Our systems are easy to operate, are cost-effective and can fulfill a multitude of tasks.
3D Additive Manufacturing LMT recently developed and launched a solution that is taking 3D printing to a new level of perfection in its Raptor 3D Metal Printing Machine.