Using Laser Marking Devices to Create Barcodes

Any time industrial manufacturers mass-produce items, it’s beneficial to pair them with a tracking system. Creating barcodes addresses numerous concerns associated with parts manufacturing and distribution, including uncontrolled parts monitoring, replicated and counterfeit parts circulation, and parts poaching.

Barcode laser marking is a reliable method of distinguishing and tracing legitimate parts.

Why We Use Barcodes

Barcodes are created for products ranging from soda cans to electronics. Although they’re not legally required unless you’re selling products in mass or to large retailers, creating a system that tracks a product’s information protects manufacturers from liabilities. So, for example, if a soda can’s contents cause illness and the victim wants to hold the soda company accountable, a barcode can provide the manufacturer with detailed information about the product.

Barcodes capture information about parts’ properties like batch numbers, production data and more. Laser-marked barcodes are more durable than alternative options, so manufacturers often prefer them.

Why We Use Laser Marking for Barcodes

Laser marking devices tag various products with barcodes to capture in-depth information. They impart permanent marks quickly and clearly.

2D barcode laser marking is a long-lasting, no-contact method. With an effective laser system, manufacturers deliver a contrast on material surfaces, resulting in a barcode. Despite wear and tear, many laser-marked barcodes maintain their integrity, providing lasting information.

Products exposed to harsh environments benefit from laser-marked barcodes because they can withstand extreme conditions. As a result, laser-marked barcodes are used in medical, electronic, automotive, petroleum and aerospace-based industries and other intensive applications.

Using laser marking barcodes on metal is advantageous because it is versatile, cost-effective and time-efficient and produces high-quality results. With a custom laser marking system tailored to suit your business,  most parts can be coded for easy identification and withstand adverse conditions through years of use.

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