Using Laser Marking Devices to Create Barcodes

Do you have a lot of parts that you need to be able to monitor? Are you worried about knock-off products that are floating around the industry? Are you hoping to find a way to protect yourself from part poachers? Any time industrial manufacturers are creating products, it’s a good idea to create a tracking system with the,. Creating barcodes offers a terrific solution to alleviate worries that might be associated with part manufacturing. And using laser marking devices to create barcodes is one reliable option to achieve that goal. 

Why We Used Barcodes

Barcodes are created for products that range from soda cans to electronics. Although they’re not legally required unless you’re selling products in mass or to large retailers, creating a system that tracks a product’s information protects manufacturers from liabilities. So, for example, if a can of soda causes a mysterious illness, and the person who got sick wants to hold the soda company accountable for the damages, a barcode on the soda can provide the manufacturer with detailed information about the product. 

Barcodes exist to capture information about a part’s properties like batch numbers, production data, and more. One reason why laser marked barcodes are created is because they’re much more durable than alternative options. 

Why We Use Laser Marking for Barcodes

Laser marking devices are capable of tagging a variety of products with barcodes in order to capture in-depth information that can be addressed at a later time. But they also offer users a way to deliver permanent marks in a quick and clear way. While there are many other ways to mark a product, laser marking offers a no-contact method that’s built to last. With the help of a laser, manufacturers can deliver a contrast on the surface of a material, which can result in a  barcode. Even after years of wear, many laser marked barcodes maintain their integrity, providing lasting information to those who require it. 

Products that are commonly exposed to harsh environments can benefit from laser marked barcodes because of their ability to withstand those conditions. Applications that might require laser marked barcodes include medical, electronic, automotive, petroleum, and aerospace-based applications. Using laser marking technology for barcodes is also a good strategy because it’s extremely versatile, it’s cost effective and time efficient, and it creates high-quality results. Many parts can be marked with a code that will withstand intense conditions and many years of use with the help of a laser marking system. 

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