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Laser Marking Technologies

Proud to be the leading supplier of laser marking equipment to the firearms industry


Here at LMT, we supply solutions for the firearms industry by working with a variety of marking techniques, which includes innovative, cost-effective machine designs to fulfill the needs of the gun and firearms industry. Because we provide a wide range of standard machines, as well as integration systems, you can be sure that we will have a machine to fit your needs.


Types of Marking:


  • Deep engraving of serial numbers >.004” as needed
  • Easily processes Cerakote® with multiple effects, utilizing our prebuilt parameter library.
  • Decorative barrel marking
  • Upper and Lower receiver engraving
  • Deep engraving of custom graphics on lower receivers
  • Traceability of magazines
  • Easily ablate hard coat anodized marking
  • Military and Defense, LMT’s systems provide durable marking to help our country.


Learn More about Laser Engraving Today!


CLICK HERE to check out the Cobalt Marksman XL®


Why Choose LASER MARKING TECHNOLOGIES for Laser Etching Firearms?


Our LMT’s systems are designed and manufactured in Caro MI USA with 24/7 Michigan based tech support. The production team at LMT includes a group of engineers, programmers, and technicians, in addition to having LSO’s (Laser Safety Officers) on-site at all times. Most importantly, we have over 15 years of knowledge in the laser industry.




Shot Show 2019

Laser Marking Technologies sales and engineering team talking to a potential customer at the 2019 Shot Show: Supplier Showcase

Shot Show 2018

Sam from Laser Marking Technologies, met up with longtime customer David Ding at the 2018 Shot Show. Leapers UTG, has purchased multiple systems from LMT since 2009.

Shot Show 2017

Sam from Laser Marking Technologies met up with James Kelbly at the 2017 Shot Show. Click here to check out all the laser marking they’ve been doing with their Cobalt Dominator® they purchased in 2015.

Military Dog Tag Color Marking

Full color marking in stainless steel military dog tag utilizing MOPA technology at Laser Marking Technologies LLC

Shot Show 2018

Rick Weisbarth from Laser Marking Technologies interviewed by Rachel Kopczyk for the 2018 Shot Show Product Spotlight.

Shot Show 2019

Rick Weisbarth from Laser Marking Technologies interviewed by American Outdoors at the Shot Show.


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