How Do You Apply Laser Markings to Cerakote® & Firearms?

Cerakote firearm laser mark

Firearms are built to endure tough conditions, letting gun owners use them for as long as possible. However, regular use leads to various forms of wear. Cerakote® coatings help firearm owners protect their guns from corrosion, scratching and other types of damage.

Many firearm owners and manufacturers use laser engraving to detail their firearms. Laser engraving applies exact graphics, text or numbers to your firearms. You can use laser engravings on your Cerakote®-coated firearms and create a comprehensive solution for longevity and appearance.

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What Is Cerakote® Firearm Coating?

Cerakote® firearm coating protects and enhances firearm exteriors. It consists of a polymer-ceramic compound that is both a sealant and a finish. Cerakote® coating reduces wear, increasing the longevity of your firearm. It increases your firearm’s resistance against:

  • Corrosion: Corrosion degrades metal surfaces. During oxidization, the atoms on a metal surface lose electrons to oxygen. As the oxygen decreases, it forms an oxide with the metal surface. Firearms commonly corrode or form rust due to exposure to corrosive materials like salts. Cerakote® coating contains materials that enhance a firearm’s resistance to corrosion. They withstand corrosive environments and maintain their appearance and functionality.
  • Fading: Many owners use Cerakote® to improve their firearm’s appearance. The coating preserves the firearm’s original color, keeping a uniform balance across the tool. The durable material maintains its color, shielding against external conditions that could cause fading. Cerakote® is available in many colors, allowing users to tailor their firearm with the exact shade they want.
  • Scratches: The more you use a firearm, the more it develops natural wear, like scratches or dents. Cerakote® adds a layer of protection against these damages. The coating increases the firearm’s durability, helping it resist scratches after rough conditions.

Cerakote® coating is available in different types, each with specific abilities:

  • E Series: The Cerakote® E Series offers the highest level of protection against chemicals, corrosion and other damages. It’s commonly used on firearms, electronics and many other applications.
  • C Series: The Cerakote® C Series can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has excellent UV stability and high chemical resistance. You can apply it to exhaust systems, firearms, lighting and other components.
  • V Series: The Cerakote® V Series withstands high temperatures and offers optimal protection against corrosion. It also withstands thermal shocks without losing color. Common applications include exhaust systems and other industrial components.

Can You Laser Engrave Cerakote®?

A firearm customized by using laser marking machines

Yes, you can engrave Cerakote®-coated firearms. Many firearm owners use laser engraving to customize their guns. This technique uses a focused beam of light to etch into the metal surface. You can use laser engraving to apply:

  • Serial numbers
  • Designs
  • Images
  • Text

Laser engraving also works on guns coated with Cerakote®. The heat from the concentrated laser engraver evaporates the Cerakote® coating, allowing permanent marks to etch into your firearm. You can laser engrave various types of Cerakote®, including the C Series and E Series.

In addition, you can use Cerakote® laser imaging to customize firearms. This process heats the coating and alters the surface, allowing you to create different shades of contrast. You can use this method to apply specific patterns or images to firearms. Laser imaging doesn’t etch into or remove coating, leaving the Cerakote® material entirely intact.

Both laser engraving and laser imaging work well with Cerakote® coatings. Professional laser engraving machines allow manufacturers to customize firearms with accuracy and detail.

Benefits of Laser Marking Cerakote®

A custom laser marking on Cerakote® coating can enhance firearms. The improved resistance against corrosion, scratches and other impacts extends your firearms’ life span, while the laser engraving lets you customize firearms according to different preferences.

These are more benefits of laser marking for Cerakote® coatings:

1. Increased Durability

Both laser engravings and Cerakote® coatings improve your firearms’ durability. Laser engraving creates a stable and detailed mark on your firearms. Whether you want to apply an exact graphic or inscribe a specific word, a laser engraver meets your needs. The image, text or numbers become a permanent element, no matter what conditions gun owners face.

A Cerakote® coating application followed by a laser marking creates a comprehensive durability solution for your firearms.

2. Improved Marking Sharpness

A Cerakote® laser marking provides optimal sharpness and precision for your firearm. Cerakote® provides an ideal medium for lasers. It allows lasers to apply crisp edges, contrast markings and precise images.

Laser engravers etch the desired image or text with precision. Laser engraving has more capabilities than traditional engraving solutions — it increases legibility on smaller objects, such as firearms. The machines offer more sharpness than hand engravings, allowing you to recreate exact images without errors.

Laser engravers support a wide range of text sizes, fonts, image types and other engraving requests, allowing you to provide comprehensive customization services for your customers. The heightened accuracy enhances your firearms’ appearance.

3. Low Costs and Fast Turnarounds

A Cerakote® laser engraving is also a cost-effective option. Laser engravers complete inscriptions rapidly, allowing you to engrave many firearms quickly. The Cerakote® marking process requires minimal setup — beyond the laser engraving machine, you don’t need any supplemental materials.

The quick process and reduced materials save you resources and time. Firearm suppliers can manage customized orders or bulk amounts with faster turnaround times, which can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For instance, an organization might want to brand its logo on its manufactured firearms. They could apply Cerakote® coatings to each firearm to boost their durability, then use laser imaging to apply the logo on each surface. The fast turnaround time helps them distribute firearms to customers quickly while saving crucial organizational resources.

4. Heightened Versatility

In addition to firearms, you can use laser engraving on all Cerakote®-coated surfaces. Cerakote® coatings and laser engravings complement each other for many applications, building a versatile solution that extends to many industries.  Anything from automotive parts to sporting gear can benefit from precise laser markings.

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