Using Automated Laser Marking Systems to Reduce Costs

Using automated laser marking systems to reduce costs is one of the best ways to support company growth for a number of reasons; It allows manufacturers to reduce labor, it creates faster marking systems, and it is a more sustainable practice than other marking systems because it involves fewer consumables. But the benefits of automated laser marking systems don’t end here. 

 Automated Laser Marking Decreases Human Error

Instead of relying on custom engineering for each laser marking process, manufacturers can depend on software to produce consistent and speedy results. But this strategy is especially cost-saving when it comes to producing consistent results. When laser marking is turned into an automated process, manufacturers can expect a program that substantially reduces human error. Automated laser marking systems also allow you to produce a well-executed mark every time.

 While manufacturers increase marking accuracy, they also reduce the likelihood of encountering warranty claims, returns, and recalls down the line. Recalls also slow the progress and innovation of a brand, making them less competitive in the market, directly impacting the success of a company.  Since recalls and warranty claims account for one of the most

substantial parts of company losses, finding ways to mitigate them is pivotal to company success. 

 Automated Laser Marking Delivers Long-Term Results

 Although the initial automation process requires an up-front investment, it quickly pays for itself due to its ability to reduce overhead costs. For example, ink marking might cost $0.07-$0.09 per mark, while laser marking often looks more like $0.02 per mark in large scale operations. Over the course of time, this margin adds up, costing businesses a substantial amount of money. Whether you’re new to the laser marking industry or you’re a veteran, staying up-to-date with the latest laser marking systems can allow you to determine whether or not you’d be a good candidate for automation. 

Are Automated Laser Marking Systems Best For You?

Determining whether or not an automated laser marking system is the right option for you can hinge on a number of factors. Among those factors are application type, quantity, and variability. If your brand is working to produce bulk parks, an automated laser marking system is guaranteed to shave off time from the manufacturing process. But a brand that just needs a single batch of marked items may not need to automate the process. Additionally, the medical industry has such specific marking parameters that it can be difficult to adhere to the industry standards without taking great care to keep the marking process consistent. Automation can help to achieve that consistency. It can also be developed with lasers of varying intensities, depending on your needs.

Here at Laser Marking Technologies, clients have access to a full range of laser types and styles. Get in touch with us today to explore automating those lasers to create long-term savings.