Why Would You Use Full-Color Laser Engraving Systems?

Using full-color laser engraving gives you the ability to create contrast in a material to produce a legible mark. Some of the reasons why you might use full-color laser engraving include its versatility and vibrancy. But full-color laser engraving also gives manufacturers the ability to mark a product in a long-lasting and eye-catching way. If, for example, you need to create a logo for a brand on a part, full-color laser engraving gives you the perfect solution. But how does it work, and why would you use full-color laser engraving, anyways?

 The Full-Color Laser Engraving Process

During the full-color laser engraving process, the manufacturer removes material from the surface of a product and creates an oxide layer, which changes the hue of a mark. This results

in words or an image that are darker or lighter than the original material color. With variable pulse lengths, frequencies, and energy, manufacturers can yield a variety of marking results. 

 Additionally, in some cases, pigment can also be melted into the engraving, allowing manufacturers to achieve a higher contrast level than traditional marking. Materials that can be used in the color laser engraving field include plastic, metal, and even rubber. 

 Color laser engraving may involve the use of a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) fiber laser to achieve the desired results. The master oscillator is the part of the laser system that creates the beam, while the power amplifier increases the laser output. Using these devices gives manufacturers control over laser variability, which can be useful while creating complicated designs. 

 Why Full-Color Laser Engraving is Popular

Color sells. Traditional color marking can help manufacturers produce varying color tones, which catch the eye and pull potential buyers toward a product. Full-color laser engraving provides a cost-effective and efficient way to produce these eye-catching results. And adding a splash of color can make a tremendous difference in your application. 

 Applications that are commonly found in color laser engraving settings include:

Personalized products
Graphic-focused applications
Cellphones and electronics
Firearms and knives

Full-color laser engraving is a terrific option for manufacturers that need to add graphics, images, and marks to a material. Not only does this process permit you to achieve the aforementioned results, but it also greatly enhances the presentation of your product. This process may be ornamental, or functional.

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